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Please read the instructions for your operating system below. if you are having trouble installing, please check both the README file and the FAQ. If you still have no luck there, you can post to the forums or chat with us. Please be patient with us, though, since we do this in our scarce spare time.


Note that due to the various Linux and window manager variants we can only provide generic installation instructions here. Please check the FAQ for more verbose instructions. Alternatively, MegaGlest packages are available for a range of Linux distributions now. To install using the MegaGlest installer (which installs to your home directory), please read on.

After downloading the installer package, you need to make it executable. Use your file manager/browser to browse to the directory containing the downloaded file. Right-click the file, select the option to inspect and change this files' properties/permissions, and make the file executable by its owner. Now double-click the file to execute it.

The graphical installer will show up and display the MegaGlest license. Install the game into your home directory (default location) or a location of your choice (within the boundaries of where your Linux user may write to, so probably anywhere below your home directory only). Once the installer completes, a MegaGlest starter/shortcut will show up on your window managers' application menu.


All you should need to do on Windows is to double-click the downloaded file. You may get to see a warning saying that this file you downloaded from the Internet may be unsafe. However, if you downloaded this file from this website,, it is safe to proceed.

Mac OS X

MegaGlest requires up to date version of Mac OS (usually it is "last available version"), if you don't have and you for some reason can't update your OS to such version then you can build game from source yourself.

Dmg image is more preferred but remember one important and simple thing, this package is (and will be probably always) produced by "unidentified developer" and you will see security warning about this. It is normal and you usually need a root password to be able to launch such package (if you need more details search "in the google" for something like: mac how open from unidentified developer). If this is a serious problem for you then just .zip package is better for you.

Zip archive is a bit less common (old standard) but on this case you will not see any security warnings. From archive you can easily launch game because OS know this type of archive, but installation is just a bit more difficult because you have to 'manually' find the "/Applications" folder and simply drag an "" there.

Then just double-click it to start MegaGlest.