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Summoner Summoner
Type:Combat Unit
Creation:Produced by Summoner Guild
Total Cost: Gold150 Energy1 
Production Time:80
Maximum Hitpoints:500
Regeneration of Hitpoints:4
Maximum Energy Points:500
Regeneration Energy Points:5
Summoner is able to Produce:Daemon
Ghost Armor
Summoner is a Requirement for:Golem
Tower Of Souls
Wicker Behemoth
Needed to build Summoner:Summoner Guild
Movement Type:Ground Unit
Move Command: Move Speed: 150
Morph Skill: Morph Morphing to: Drake RiderDrake Rider
Refund (Discount): 0 %
Morph Speed: 250
Attack Command: FlareFlare Target: Ground and air units
Strength: 170+-50
Range: 8
Splash-Radius: 1
Splash also damages own units!
Type: Energy
Attack Speed: 60
Start Time: 0.5
Energy-Cost: 80
This Attack Skill is used on "Hold Position"
Upgrades Available:Energy Compression (Energy-Points: +500)
Energy Sharpening (Attack Strength: +50, Attack Range: +1)
Ancient Summoning (Energy-Points: +500, Production Speed: +50)

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