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Catapult Catapult
Type:Combat Unit
Creation:Morphing from Wartime Mechanic
Total Cost: Gold160 Wood170 Food1 
(Cost for Catapult with 40 % discount = Gold 60 Wood 120 Food 1 
 + cost for Wartime Mechanic = Gold100 Wood50  )
Production Time:100
Maximum Hitpoints:1800
Regeneration of Hitpoints:1
Needed to build 'Catapult':Blacksmith Shop
Military Camp
Movement Type:Ground Unit
Move Command: Move Speed: 150
Attack Command: Fire Ball
Fire Ball
Target: Only ground units
Strength: 350+-150
Range: 10
Splash-Radius: 2
Splash also damages own units!
Type: Impact
Attack Speed: 50
Start Time: 0.35
This Attack Skill is used on "Hold Position"
("Hold Position" requires Training Field)

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