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Extra things you can do with MegaGlest

28 January 2016

Did you know that MegaGlest can be told to do much more than just launch the game?

For example you can launch your own headless game server using:

--headless-server-mode=x,x	Run as a headless server.
	Where x is an optional comma delimited command
	list of one or more of the following: 
		exit - which quits the application after a game
			has no more connected players.
		vps  - which does NOT read commands from the
			local console (for some vps's).
		lan  - which does not broadcast the hosting server
			to the masterserver (for local LAN games).

example to run a server that anyone on your home network can join:

megaglest --headless-server-mode=lan

Now when you search for LAN games to join it will connect to this server.

To find out which opengl video drivers are registered on your system run:

megaglest --opengl-info

For people who write mods / factions there are an abundant number of validation features that you can use to verify the quality of your work:

megaglest --validate-factions=my-new-faction

Feel free to run it on tech for example:

megaglest --validate-factions=tech

To show a list of maps, techtrees or scenarios you can run:

megaglest --list-maps megaglest --list-techtrees megaglest --list-scenarios megaglest --list-tilesets

There are many other neat little goodies available.
To get a full verbose list of commands run megaglest from its folder in a command prompt:

megaglest --help