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Ready-made installable builds of MegaGlest may not currently be available for your platform, yet. In the meantime you can download the MegaGlest source code and see if you can build it yourself. If you are into this, please consider to help developing MegaGlest on your platform.

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If you like MegaGlest, please donate to ease development and testing and so that we can run and extend the services we provide for your enjoyment.

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Offline distribution

Since availability of Internet access and bandwidth still varies a lot across this planet and downloading hundreds of megabytes is not an option for everyone, you may prefer to obtain a copy of MegaGlest by postal mail, in form of handouts during events or similar. For this purpose, the greater MegaGlest community has started to weave a network for offline distribution. You are welcome to make use of this service if downloading is not a good option.


The complete changelog is packaged with all MegaGlest releases and also available at